Praise for Grabbing Life

"From a boyhood in South Africa to the Whitbread Round the World Race on the only Russian entry, Brian has led a life that can only be envied by anyone with a little wanderlust. A fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable read."

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

First person to circumnavigate

the world alone without stopping

“This is just one of those great, easy to read books. I could not put it down. Brian’s breezy narrative takes you on a fun, fast paced ride be it sailing across the Southern Ocean or trudging through the African bush. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a sense of adventure in their heart.”

Cam Lewis - author Around the World in 79 Days

"I loved this book. It's about growing up in Africa with a dream to sail around the word and actually making it happen.  Brian tells a great story. It's hard to believe that he has survived all those close escapes and near misses. It's a great read. Pick up a copy - you won't be able to put it down.”

From the back cover

Sally Holtzman - long time admirer

"Join sailor/adventurer Brian Hancock for a fun filled trip traveling around the world. You will sail across the Atlantic, climb mountains in South America, round Cape Horn under sail in a full gale and spend some quiet time with the locals. Don’t bring anything - it has all been taken care of. You will eat out in Brazil, enjoy a glass of South African wine, sip tea in Tierra del Fuego and try a surprise drink south of the southernmost town in the world. If you like adventure you will like this book. If you don’t you will still like this book. It’s about life and living it to its fullest. It’s about human frailty and its ability for recovery. It’s about people and friends and family, and about how we all make this a great place to be from - planet earth that it.”

"The summer afternoon storms were especially violent. The heat of the day would simmer and smolder until the sky turned an angry bruised blue and the wind dropped to an eerie stillness. We would hear the thunder start, the storm gathering strength on the hot plains outside the city and then it would get so dark that the streetlights came on automatically. Sometimes with the rain and thunder came hail, the white pellets of ice pounding down on the tin roof and bouncing off the green grass. My mother would gather us inside, away from any window - we were told that glass attracted lightning - and we watched as the storm passed overhead. As quickly as it had started, the rain ended, the streetlights went off and the sun came out again. Often, just as the rain was tapering off there would be a ‘monkeys wedding’ when the sun was out while it was still raining. Flying ants would emerge from their underground tunnels and fill the sky, collecting around any light in thick swarms. We would shut off all lights in the house so that we did not attract them inside and watch as the streetlights were almost dimmed by the mass of delicate wings and tiny bodies that, I was told, tasted like butter when fried in hot oil."

Book excerpt

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