I am a story teller at heart. Sometimes that fact is blurred by titles such as ‘professional sailor’ or ‘author’, but deep down all I really want is to live a full, fun life and share it with others. My books and articles are one way of doing that, but a more immediate way of reaching people is through public speaking. Over the last three decades I have given over a thousand presentations ranging from small intimate book readings, to corporate motivational presentations. Each show is a unique opportunity to connect and inspire and I know for a fact that dozens of people have made life changing decisions after listening to my stories. I still get the occasional postcard from a far off port thanking me for jump-starting a new life.

Giving slide shows and after dinner talks was originally a way to supplement my income when I first started sailing, but they have grown to become a very real part of my lifestyle. I started out with a borrowed box projector that was bought at Sears in 1962 and slowly built my show to include music and videos. The whole thing can be run from my laptop and often is, but I still like giving the old slideshows, albeit on a newer projector. My talks can be modified to suit the audience or occasion. The after dinner slide and music presentations are popular, as are my seminars. I have given a number of keynote addresses to business groups and have a brand new multimedia slide and video presentation, Grabbing the Dream, based on my two memoirs, Grabbing Life and Grabbing the World. The presentation is aimed at motivating and inspiring people.

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Brian is a member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International 

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