SpeedDream is a quest to build the world’s fastest sailboat by building upon proven existing concepts found in modern sailboat design, removing all rule encumbrances that limit performance and drive up cost, and incorporating out-of-the box, innovative thinking to all aspects of the design process.

SpeedDream is also a quest to bring innovation, styling and performance to a series of luxury cruising yachts. Ideas introduced and tested at the edge of innovation will be incorporated into a line of cruising yachts to enhance their performance and safety and to provide customers with a unique sailing experience.

The SpeedDream design concept is the inspiration of Vlad Murnikov, a free thinking naval architect whose ideas are not constrained by rules or convention. Murnikov has an eye for graceful lines and the combination of innovation and creative styling put him, and SpeedDream, in a class of their own.

To test the SpeedDream design concept a 27-foot scaled prototype was built and launched in 2012. After rigorous testing it was deemed that all the design aspects complimented each other and the result was modern, futuristic looking boat that turned heads wherever it sailed.

The next step is to build a Stage II Offshore prototype to test the design in true ocean going conditions. Stage III will be to build the Ultimate Record Setter. The boat will be approximately 100 feet in length and will be used to challenge for the Jules Verne trophy and other offshore speed records.


Take a look at the two videos below - they are my favorites of SpeedDream sailing.


SpeedDream sail trials off Newport, Rhode Island - Spring 2013

SpeedDream European tour - Summer 2013

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